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Last date of Submission: 30th April, 2015

Publishing date: 30th August, 2015

Nano technology is an interdisciplinary science, which takes role in the material science, mechanics, electronics, optics, medicine, plastic, energy, aerospace, textiles, optical coatings, photovoltaic, antibacterial agents, physics and biology.

Although the meaning and the structure of the nanotechnology is very complex, it takes great part in our daily life because lots of products that are used in our everyday life are can be developed by the application of nanotechnology.

Research activities in nanotechnology promises breakthroughs in various areas such as materials, manufacturing, nano electronics, optics, medicine and healthcare, energy, biotechnology, information technology and defense applications. It is believed that the impact to be made by the advances in nanotechnology would be considered as the next industrial revolution.

Looking to the dynamic role of nano science and technology, an emerging field, lot of interest is being shown by researchers, budding scientist, academicians and skilled citizens, it is felt befitting to release a special issue with the above mentioned title in order to provide best research work on an international platform for the interaction and exposure of the innovative researchers.

We invite current research work on nano science and technology with special emphasis to, green methods of synthesis, new properties of materials and applications in the field of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and technologies.

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