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About Us

Oriental Journal of Chemistry was started in 1985 with the aim to promote chemistry research and to motivate the budding researchers of India in general while Madhya Pradesh in particular. Our journal was published as hard copies till volume 17, year 2002, then from volume 17 onwards it is promoted  to online as well as print version. Now the journal has full maturity and is now publishing volume  32nd , year 2016. Now the journal is open access, peer reviewed and published Bimonthly. Oriental Journal of Chemistry is now registered in Crossref. (UK) The DOI number is allotted to each and every research article which is an identity, International recognition as well as preservation of contributor’s article.

Oriental Journal of Chemistry since the beginning have a credit of publishing research papers not only from Asia but from Foreign  countries from where  renowned chemical researchers  and outstanding scientist like Prof. John C. Balier Jr. Urbana USA, Dr. Zahoor Qasim,  New Delhi, India, Dr. Douglas L. Park,  Tucson, Arizona (U.S.A), Prof. Dr. Richard Jenkins, The Gateway, Leicester (U.K), Prof. Luigi Kompanella, Rome, Italy, Dr. Y.Fukuda, Tokyo, Japan , Dr. Afaf Aboul Kheir, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Prof. Pierre Sinay, Paris, France, Dr. V. M. Valyashko, Moscow, Russia, Dr. M. R. A Rao, Bangalore, India , Dr. M.C. Mehra , Moncton, Canada, Dr. S. L. Stefan, Cairo, Egypt, Dr. S. A. A Zaidi, Aligarh, India.,  were and are on our advisory board and editorial board  which are taking keen interest for reviewing the research articles as well and giving their suitable advices and guidance for the welfare of the Journal.

Oriental Journal of Chemistry is now abstracted and indexed in almost all reputed agencies of the world, mainly like (ISI)Thomson Reuters , Crossref , Chemical abstract service, Index Copernicus, DOAJ, Google Scholar and many more (See

The journal is now having the facility of easy submission of articles and the full text of the articles are available to the seeking scholars mainly from third world countries in the form of HTML, full text, PDF and XML. The Selected best review articles will enjoy the facility of full free publication.