ISSN : 0970 - 020X, ONLINE ISSN : 2231-5039


Nickel Based Nano Particles as Adsorbents in Water Purification Methods - A Review

K. Ravindhranath and Mylavarapu Ramamoorty



Nickel based nano particles are metallic Ni and NiO. These materials find wide utility in various fields in view of their high surface potentials, surface area, semi conducting nature, reduction and complexing tendencies. The present review is mainly aimed at the investigations made in using these nano nickel particles as adsorbents in purifying water. The synthesis of nano particles of Ni/NiO adopting the conventional physical/chemical methods, their draw backs and the progress so far made in the green synthesis of particles using plant extracts as reducing, capping and stabilizing argents, are also emphatically discussed.  Further, the potential areas of research with respect to the green synthesis of the said nano particles and their applications to water purification are identified and comprehensively presented.


Review; nano particles; water treatment; phytomethods; Ni/NiO; adsorbents; pollutants

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