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Researchers Society of Chemical Sciences


We are pleased to introduce our Researcher Society of Chemical Sciences, Bhopal 462001 an International society for the advancement of research in chemical sciences, active researchers, scientists and teachers of all discipline of pure and applied chemistry of academic or commercial importance are invited to join and expose their talents for the welfare of budding researchers, students and common man for the progress of our nation.

Dr. S. Aftab. Iqbal (Founder President)

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Aims and Objects of the Society (RSCS) Bhopal. (India).

  • To promote the cause of Science & technology on global scale.
  • To encourage research, development and training in Chemical Sciences.
  • To print, publish and circulate journals, periodicals, books, papers, reports and other technical and/or related literature to the RSCS fields of activity.
  • To establish, maintain and / or support Libraries, archives, Research and Testing Laboratories and Training Centre’s.
  • To advance and promote the cause of chemical research & education in the country.
  • To encourage technology development of upstream equipment and machinery and can impact the chemical and formulation process involved in the manufacture of chemicals.
  • To guide and assist in the formulation of standards, specifications and laws pertaining to raw materials and finished products.
  • To strive for strengthening co-operation of the national level and promoting contacts amongst scientist of the country.
  • To organize symposium, discussion, special lectures, exhibitions and other related activities for a better understanding of chemical research and its application for the economic, social and industrial progress of the country.
  • To foster an active liaison with national as well as international organization having activities similar to those of the RSCS.
  • To work in association with International Societies of Chemistry and to co-operate with other organization having similar objectives.
  • To undertake any or all other acts, matters, and things as are conducive to, or incidental to, or necessary for, the above objectives.


Chemical Sciences Include:


Chemistry: All branches of pure and applied chemistry, Including Environmental Chemistry
Botany : Phytochemistry, Chemotaxonomy, Medicinal Plants, Environment, Phytoplanktons and agricultural chemistry etc.
Zoology : Zoo planktons, Cytochemistry, Marine Biology, Chemicals effect or marine animals, Bio-chemical Technology.
Physics : Chemicals Physics Instrumentation, Bio-physics, thermo-chemistry, Photochemistry, Electro-analysis Mangnetic materials.
Engineering Chemistry : Chem-informatics, combinatorial chemistry, Instrumentation, Chemical and petrochemical technologies etc.
Mathematics: Mathematical approach and solutions to pure and applied chemistry.
Medical Sciences: Drug Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Bio- Chemistry, Pharmacy and Drug Design etc.


Click here to download Membership Form of Researchers Society of Chemical Sciences

Please fill the membership form and email it to :


For any further queries, please contact:

Dr. S. A. Iqbal

R- 0755-4282751

M- 09893250180