ISSN : 0970 - 020X, ONLINE ISSN : 2231-5039


X-Doped Graphene Interaction with Anodic Materiallibs

Hamidreza Jalilian and Majid Monajjemi



Thestructures of graphite carbonadoes and hexagonal boron nitride or h-BN, parent materials for carbonadoes and boron nitride nano-compounds are quite similar. The measured reversible Li+ capacities of X-G// (h-BN)// X-G (X=Be, B, N) in the anode materials are extremely improved compared to the graphite structures in the based anodes. In this study Boron nitride sheet has been localized inside two X-graphene electrodes as an option to enhance electrochemical ratio. Additionally, we have found the structure of G-X/(h-BN)n/X-G can be for improving the capacities and electrical transports in the C-BN sheets of LIBs. In addition, the BN sheet modified and designed of X-G/ (h-BN)/X-G structures provide a strategy to improve the yields of BN-G-sheet of anodes. X-G/h-BN/X-G could also be assembled into free standing electrode of any binder (current collector), which will causes for increasing specific energies and densities for the batteries design.


Graphene; Doping; Anode Lithium; Ion Battery; LIBs

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