ISSN : 0970 - 020X, ONLINE ISSN : 2231-5039


In-Silico Approach Towards Protein Targets Related to Diabets Mellitus-An Overview

N. Abirami and R. Arulmozhi



Diabetes mellitus, a chronic disorder which affects people of all ages mainly due to improper food habits, lack of exercise etc. It is difficult to analyze the root cause of this disorder. Laboratory work consumes time and as well requires animal models in order to arrive at good results. Bioinformatics has extended a helping hand through molecular docking for the drug candidate to identify and also to dock with the protein targets related to various diseases. This review paper insights about in silico approach of natural and synthetic compounds which act as both inhibitors or agonists towards protein targets related to diabetes mellitus such as Peroxisome proliferators activated receptor gamma (PPAR-γ), Glycogen synthase kinases 3β (GSK-3β) and Aldose reductase (AR).


Diabetes mellitus; animal models; bioinformatics; in silico

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