ISSN : 0970 - 020X, ONLINE ISSN : 2231-5039


Microstructure and Optical Properties of Composites Consisting of Nanoporous Stretched Polypropylene Doped with Liquid Crystals and Quantum Dots at a High Concentration

Konstantin Mochalov 1,2, Alexey Bobrovsky 3, Daria Solovyeva 1,2, Pavel Samokhvalov 2, Igor Nabiev 2,4 and Vladimir Oleinikov 1,2



Unique properties of nanohybrid composites based on different types of porous polymer matrices doped with fluorescent nanoparticles (quantum dots, QDs) are determined by the combination of the mechanical properties of the host matrix (flexibility, chemical stability, etc.) and a high luminescence intensity and extreme stability of QDs. Here, we report on the preparation, optical and microstructural characterization of a nanoporous stretched polypropylene matrix embedded with CdSe/ZnS QDs as fluorescent dopants at a high concentration. The microstructure and optical properties of two types films based on QD-polymer composites and liquid crystals are described. The distribution of QDs in the composite films and their morphology was determined. The annealing of the nanoporous composite films leads to shrinking of the pores and encapsulation of QDs, which results in a domain-like structure. The resulting flexible, stable and highly luminescent materials may be applied to obtain the highly luminescent diodes, the light converter devices and the display systems.


quantum dot-polymer composites; nanoporouspolypropylene; fluorescence

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