ISSN : 0970 - 020X, ONLINE ISSN : 2231-5039


Issues of Carbothermic Synthesis of Submicron and Nanostructured Boron Carbide (A Review)

Alexey Vyacheslavovich Antipov1, Olga Mikhaylovna Antipova2, Alyona Igorevna Wozniak1, Vitaly Sergeyevich Ivanov1, Olga Anatolevna Zhdanovich1 and Anton Sergeyevich Yegorov1*



This review shows the important role of nanoscale and submicron boron carbide B4C for modern science and technology. Various procedures of the carbothermic synthesis of nanoscale and submicron forms of boron carbide are reviewed and compared. The paper shows the variety of possible forms and morphology of the products. Particular attention is paid to the influence of the synthesis method on the content of residual free carbon in the product.


boron carbide; nanopowder; carbothermic synthesis; sol-gel

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